Fundraising Opportunities

PizzaDoodle loves to help schools earn money for their schools! Please call and ask to speak to Gary or Ashlee about fundraising opportunities!

Box Tops for Education

PizzaDoodle collects Box Tops for Education and turns them in to local schools to help them purchase supplies and equipment for their schools. Please save all your Box Tops for Education and turn them in each time you come to PizzaDoodle.

Streets of Southglenn Receipts

PizzaDoodle also collects receipts from any of the stores at the Streets of Southglenn (including the Movie Theater, Best Buy, Staples, Chick-Fil-A, and all the stores/eateries around the outside of the mall). These are also turned in to local schools and the top several schools in the area with the most receipts/purchases, wins gift cards to the Streets of Southglenn to purchase supplies and equipment for the school.

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