Because socializing often happens when food is involved, the owners saw a whole group of people that had very limited choices on where they could have a family celebration, or enjoy a good meal together without having to cook it themselves. PizzaDoodle wanted to create a special place for those who experience food allergies could safely dine with their families and friends. Due to the nature of our restaurant, unfortunately we can't ensure 100% that allergens have been avoided, however PizzaDoodle takes great precautions in avoiding cross-contamination. There is a dedicated gluten-free oven and prep area, recipes and ingredient lists are known by managers for virtually all foods offered, and PizzaDoodle is blessed to have many loyal customers that have celiac disease, are epi pen allergic to dairy and other allergens, and many customers who are vegan. PizzaDoodle can also accommodate other food allergies as well, such as yeast, corn, egg, soy, etc. There are very few food allergies that PizzaDoodle can't accommodate. If you have additional concerns or questions about food allergies, please call ahead and ask to speak with Gary, or email us at

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